Kerrison Rongeurs

Dismantable Rongeurs with Silicone Handle "Medicon …DieBlauen. Classic"

The rongeurs „Medicon…DieBlauen.“ are used to cut bone, cartilage and tissue at the skull and the spinal column. On the one hand removal of hard bone and strong tissue is possible with broad foot plates. On the other hand the extra flat foot plates is ideal for thin and porous bone structures and soft tissue at the cervical spine. Therefore the different patterns of „Medicon …DieBlauen.“ cover all indications.

  • One piece detachability for a simple disassembly and assembly enables effective cleaning of all components
  • The one piece detachability avoids loss of single parts and risk of incorrect assembly
  • Ergonomic design and balance, reduced weight and silicone handle provide highest precision and handling comfort
  • The flat sliding shaft guarantees optimal visibility during minimal-invasive procedures
  • All patterns offer high stability by the integrated ejector and the exterior guide
  • Rongeurs with extra flat, flat and broad foot plate are available
  • Large range of rongeurs available in different patterns, lengths, coated and non-coated for individual treatment of the patient
  • Dismantable Rongeurs "Medicon …DieBlauen. Comfort" with adjustable handle- and jaw opening
  • Rongeurs with three-step control element of handle- and jaw opening
  • Increased handling comfort by adjustable handles to suit all sizes of the human hand
  • Design ensures effortless opening and closing












Cranial Plating

The closure of surgical accesses or the reposition and safe fixation of bone fractures on the skull are essential in order to good operation results.

The MEDICON plate system “Neurofixation” offers safe and easy solutions for the closure of the trepanation hole and the plating on the neurocranium.

Through our partner XILLOC we also offer patient specific implants for the discipline of cranial neurosurgery.




Neuro Crani/Brain Catalog

Neuro Plating


Spreading Systems

Over the last few years minimally invasive approaches in the area of spinal surgery have gained great importance. This is related to the aim of minimizing stress on the patient. Moreover, the influence of modern techniques for imaging procedures plays an important role.

In the literature the advantages of minimally invasive approaches in the area of spinal surgery are emphasized:


  • Less traumatic for the patient and therefore shorter stay in the hospital
  • Less postoperative analgetic consumption
  • Segmental stability and less scar tissue in the surgical area






Spreading System


Neuro Spinalis

The product range Neuro Spinalis includes basic instruments,  implants and specific instruments for spinal surgery. The set suggestions offer an excellent overview of the instruments for cerical, thoracic and lumbar spinal surgery.

On one hand, while developing the implants the focus was on an open design enabling an insertion under direct visual control by the surgeon. On the other hand, the large area for bony fusion assures an ideal osteointegration of the implant.


Neuro Spine Catalog 

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